Rainbow Youth's 30th Anniversary

Illustrating a journey through time

I had the wonderful privilege doing a set of 11 timeline illustrations documenting Rainbow Youth's journey as an organization over their 30 years!

Given a set of reference imagery by RY, I created my own illustrative versions of the pictures and got to explore a vastly different illustration style than I usually do. I'm very detail-focused and meticulous, so letting go of that for the sake of time and balancing my university work was challenging but ultimately created a very charming and different style of illustration that suited the project well!

An illustration of a black and white photograph of Aotearoa New Zealanders protesting with picket signs. The entire image is in b&w except the signs, which are in different colors of the rainbow and their outlines are pink. Some of the signs say 'We are Proud of our "perversion"', 'Death to Victorian attitudes', '10%+ of New Zealanders Are Gay', 'We Vote Too Watch Out Marginal Seats', 'You Use Taxes We Pay To Discriminate Against Us!', 'In societies where women are oppressed to be lesbian is a sign of mental health', 'End Fascist Repression of People', and 'Hi Mum'. All the peoples' expressions are disgruntled and upset.
Timeline Image 1 - 1986
An illustrative rendition of Rainbow Youth's former name and flyer, it reads: Auckland Lesbian Gay Youth in capitalized letters. 'Auckland' and 'Youth' are in purple. 'Lesbian' and 'Gay' are in pink and blue respectively. The center image (that separates "Auckland Lesbian" and "Gay Youth" is an oval that has two linked female (Venus) symbols in pink and two linked male (Mars) symbols in blue. The background of the oval is a faintly yellow dotted lavender.
Timeline Image 2 - 1989
A sepia illustration of a newspaper clipping: The clipping's headline is "Schools cool on gay offer" and the image is of two students, one more feminine in appearance (left) and one more masculine (right). The left person has a beret hat and has a button earring, wears a button cardigan, and holds two flyers for ALGY (Auckland Lesbian Gay Youth). The right person has glasses, curly hair, a cheeky smile, and a collared shirt and pullover sweater. They both look at the viewer peacefully. A small part of the clipping has text that reads: "Auckland Lesbian and Gay Youth group members Rhiannon Thomson and Shaun Hawthorne role model to young people. There was often little support at school for-" and the text cuts off.
Timeline Image 3 - 1990
An illustration of multiple smiling young people in front of a brown wood fence cooperatively holding up a large white banner that reads "Rainbow Youth" - the 'rainbow' in multicolor capitalized letters and the 'youth' in black capitalized letters. On the fence is signage that reads "Youthline Counselling Services, Action Education, Rainbow Youth, Maori & Pacific Island Womens Health Collective" in blue, capitalized, text beside a red arrow pointing to the right of the frame. Two people can be seen fully at each end of the banner: the person on the left wears pink pastels and light blue with black knee-high socks and shoes - they also have blonde hair with blue and pink tips and are standing with a hand on their hip, another person has their arm around this person at the end. The other fully visible individual is on the right end of the banner, they wear blue overalls and a blue baseball cap and also sport some rainbow leggings and arm bands. They stand posed with hands on their hips in heroic fashion.
Timeline Image 4 - 1995
An illustration of multiple diverse individuals laying down in a circle where all their heads make up the center, they're all smiling and look to be happy and relaxed. The background is made of golds and soft peach textures.
Timeline Image 5 - Mid to Late 90's
An illustration of the former Rainbow Youth drop-in center on Karangahape Road in Tāmaki Makaurau. The background is a dark gray and the drop-in center lines are multi-colored. What can be seen of the drop-in center is the door, the '281' above the door, and the front windows. On the windows there are 'Rainbow Youth' decals and 'Get It On' (in capitals) with the entire silhouette of Aotearoa within a condom. Inside the windows are blue and white balloons on the floor and silvery streamers that come down from the ceiling. There are strips of rainbow on the top and bottom of the big windows and bottom of the windows in the door.
An illustration of the inside of the Rainbow Youth drop-in center on Karangahape Road, three individuals stand at the front and center. The person on the left has long brown hair, wears a yellow sleeveless frilly shirt, and wears a pounamu pendant. The person in the middle has a dark blue shirt with the Rainbow Youth Support Crew emblem in yellow on it, they wear a rainbow colored lanyard with a name tag that reads "Daniel" in capitals, they have short brown hair. The person on the right wears a red zip-up hoodie and a black t-shirt underneath a green baseball cap. The background of the drop-in center is rendered with many diagonal striped lines of different colors that depict certain elements of the environment; such as a shelf of books, a bulletin board, posters, a doorway, and a plant.
Timeline Image 7 - 2009
An illustration of a web article titled: 'WhangaReinbow' offers support. The article details show the author is Alexandra Newlove (in capitalized text) published at 05:00, May 27 2014. Buttons for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and via email are located to the right of the articles information. The hero image for the article is an angled top-down photo of five individuals sitting in a booth with Sam Orchard's "Queer and Trans 101" comics laid about the table. Two people, one person in a purple shirt wearing glasses and another with a scarf and blue hair and glasses, are holding up the comic/poster to the camera. Beside the blue-haired person is someone with red hair wearing a gray beanie, and on the other side of the table, there is a person with curly brown hair, glasses, a beanie, and a blue shirt. Sitting beside them is someone with brown hair and glasses who also sits beside the person in a purple shirt. The table is orange, the booth seats are red, the short wall is white, and the windows show a view of yellow and gold.
Timeline Image 8 - 2013 - 2014
An illustration of the current Rainbow Youth office: the floor and scenes outside the windows are entirely rainbows, there is a desk in the foreground with a picture frame with rainbows in it, a computer, a landline phone, and a filing fixed tray. The desk is sat in front of a wall that has 'rainbow youth' made of string pinned on it. In the background (the rest of the office space) there are desks and desk chairs and one desk in the mid-ground has a dyed carnation in a small vase. All of the linework in the illustration is various different colors of the rainbows that change from every intersecting point.
Timeline Image 9 - 2016
An illustration of an advertisement depicting the viewer looking down at the grassy ground at the remnants of a meat pie that had fallen to the ground. The tips of their scuffed up blue and black boots can be seen in the bottom parts of the image frame. White text in call caps reads "If it's not gay, it's not gay." - responding to peoples usage of 'gay' as a negative adjective. A white rectangle in the top right corner reads "RainbowYouth.org.nz" as cut out text from the rectangle, 'Youth' is in all caps.
Timeline Image 10 - 2017
An illustration of a large warehouse space with a stage, two digital screens, and many seats for an audience. On the stage is Rainbow Youth's executive director Frances, speaking to the audience. The audience is made up of many diverse individuals with their backs to the viewer, some of them have bright or multicolored hair. Decorating the stage are potted plants; and the two screens have rainbows and 'Rainbow Youth' on them.
Timeline Image 11 - 2018 - 2019