doodling portfolio

This style combo of characters and themed subject matter started with the below work: Quin's Diner. I love doing these because they're a challenging puzzle and so satisfying to see all put together as a final canvas of wild movement that a viewer can actively engage with and enjoy.

Quin's Diner is quite a chaotic mix of scale, brush style, and weight thicknesses that makes for something very busy and loud. It was a work that allowed me to explore this and happily continue on with different directions afterwards, refining and discovering which style I like most with each new work.

I'm more than happy to do these works on commission, but it must be understood that depending on size, detail, and tiling ability, it can take weeks or months to complete. In the end you'll have a wonderful unique canvas of elements that represent you, your organization, things you love, or just a theme that makes a fun mural.

Quin's Diner

Tiger Burger

coming soon