Big Doodles

I sometimes do doodles that are really friendly and close to each other.

Here are those doodles.

Tiger Burger

a photograph of the back of a postcard-sized feedback form that has been drawn all over in pencil. the subject matter largely themed around tigers, burgers, and diner food with people eating and enjoying themselves.

One day on the back of a post-card sized feedback form, I doodled for awhile after eating a delicious burger. The staff liked it so much they contacted me to let me know, and the perfectionist in me had to make a nice cleaner version with more pop for them!

a large condensed amount of illustrations in a yellow-to-red color gradient. the subject matter largely consists of things themed around tigers, burgers, korean fusion food, korean words, and various characters enjoying food and being gleeful.

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Quin's Diner

hawaiianshirt_redw copy

My first ever (ish) doodle collage, themed around diner culture and food.

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