case (tawny) dakota

visual communicator and lover of people

i doodle, photograph, design, write, and try to remember to water my plants...

My identity consists of a nomadic upbringing: being born in Arizona, lived in Dubai for 5 years, lived in Washington for 5 years, and have been in Aotearoa (NZ) since 2011 (with of course frequent trips back to the states since).

Because of so much travel and moving to diverse and multicultural places, I've grown into a cosmopolitan individual who is super hyped about culture and multiculturalism.

I'm Agender, I also often refer to myself as 'Non-Binary', my pronouns are 'they/them'. Please do not use of explicitly gendered language, like woman/man/Mr/Miss, are not used in reference to me.

I want to help people! For a very long time I've been interested in social good (social justice, activism, etc) and my goal is to take my skills in visual communication and apply them to helping others and the world. My main interests so far are in disability and accessibility and LGBTTQ+ issues.

I also want to make change and improve my immediate context- being Tāmaki Makaurau "Auckland"- as well as the broader Aotearoa.


After highschool, I was accepted into the university Media Design School in the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

I currently study under the Bachelor of Media Design; in my third and final year.


I co-founded, co-facilitated, facilitated, and organize meetings and the club for LGBTTQ+ students in Media Design School, as well as participated in Student Leader activities and acted as one of the Class Representatives for my degree.

I've worked social media documentation for the Cultural Festival 2018 held by the Auckland Museum and Auckland Art Gallery with my partner in crime, Donald Mavunga (aka Facts.Design).

I participated in the Datacomp Hackathon 2019, where my team won 'Best Design' and I personally won the 'Awesomeness' Award for presentation design and delivery. I also earned an internship at Datacom as part of their Datacomp TalentX program.

long exposure photos taken yet
doodles done
team projects worked on
wonderful plant kids in my care



Humans all throughout our history have never truly feared change; we wouldn't be where we are today if that were the reality. Traditions are not meant to hold us in place and prevent us from being reinvented, they're meant to guide us on the right path when we inevitably move forward and help us keep our values that make us who we are. Change is a movement.

authentically me

I've long since stopped chasing after shoes that never fit. How I present myself to others is my own art form; filled with the little joys of awed expressions and inspiring others to own their own color. Trust is built on authenticity: honesty to myself and to others as well as transparency of intentions between both parties.


I want to investigate issues, problem-solve, and generate ideas for solutions and topics that I'm passionate about. I don't believe that you need to be passionate about everything you work on; but when you are very passionate about what you're working on, you tend to be able to put your best efforts forward.


I am a person who has both the innate empathic ability and also the learned skill of empathy; and this sits in the front seat of the me-car and drives most of my existence. I value people and life; I want to help and have a positive impact on as many people as I can with the time that I'm here. Doing this with my creativity would be just dandy.

how am i described?

"-even when you procrastinate you're being productive and it's horrifying."

— J. T. Kelley

"Tawny puts themself into everything they do and it shows, the enthusiasm, the passion, and the lust for life gives way to creations that do exactly what they would want them to do: make people happy."

— Award Winning Director Guy Hassell

"i’m convinced tawney is the result of someone condensing pure friendship into a mold shaped like a person to become the ultimate international friend"

— "Tbone" of Chessor

"see we need more tawnys in the world and less 'political correctness is ruining America' people"

— "Yeeeem"

"Tawny the literal solo rave."

— Sterling