tawny, case dakota

visual communicator and lover of people

obligatory about me

I doodle, photograph, design, write, and try to remember to water my plants.

Drawing since I was 3, wormed my way through art in educational institutions, now noodling out during the rain to continue to do art till I get early-birded.

I have a Bachelor of Media Design and Barista certificate.

a photograph of me lying on the ground wearing a yellow hoodie and throwing a shaka handsign up. my face is entirely covered in a doodle version of my head, and looks half worried and half content.


"Because I had to go through it, doesn't mean you have to."

My favorite thing in the world is people. There's nothing more I want to do with my work than to help others however I can.

I value diversity, compassion and empathy, growth and change, and passion. A lot of these values come from my own experiences, trials, challenges through life, but also come from how I believe we all deserve to be treated.


"Case stubbornly makes change wherever they go- and it's necessary when most are content to see things stay broken."

— Russell Fox, graphic designer @ russellfox.design, 2020

"Tawny puts themself into everything they do and it shows, the enthusiasm, the passion, and the lust for life gives way to creations that do exactly what they would want them to do: make people happy."

— Award Winning Director: Guy Hassell, 2019

"i’m convinced tawney is the result of someone condensing pure friendship into a mold shaped like a person to become the ultimate international friend"

— Tyren "Tbone" of Chessor, 2017

"Tawny the literal solo rave."

— Morgan, 2016

"see we need more tawnys in the world and less 'political correctness is ruining America' people"

— Jame, 2015
half of a drawn hot dog with arms, circular sunglasses, a drizzle of mustard, and a neutral expression.