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Break Your Legs
Rainbow Youth 30th Anniversary
Big Gay Out 2020

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Woven gets awards!

team Moblobster at the Best Awards!
team Moblobster at the Best Awards!

Many thanks to our lecturers, the support of Media Design School staff, Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland Council), and the staff at the Ellen Melville Center.

As a team we especially couldn't have done this without our guides and mentors: Dr. Jo Diamond and Johnson McKay.

They were invaluable influences and teachers as we set out on an entirely new journey within Māori culture and art & design.

Ngā mihi nui.

team Moblobster at the Dowse!
team Moblobster at the Dowse!
a drawing of the four Moblobster team members in the Woven color palette, all on computer devices implied to be watching the AGDA awards stream. they are all drawn around the AGDA 2020 awards logo and all connected by strands of flax, woven at the center.
team Moblobster watching the AGDA awards stream online together 🙂

other Moblobster awards:

Our team's creative director and co-conspirator of mine, Russell Fox, had me onto his personal project to help with the photography and composition of the work; I helped photograph and model in the photography of the book's contents, and I then helped compose the photography and photograph the book itself under his direction.

As expected, his amazing work got Merit in AGDA's Student Print category, and a combined congrats was extended to me on us getting Finalist in AGDA's Student Craft/Photography!

a photograph of me lying on the ground wearing a yellow hoodie and throwing a shaka handsign up. my face is entirely covered in a doodle version of my head, and looks half worried and half content.